About Nox Sox

Everything you wanted to know about us plus so much more that you didn't.

The story of how Nox Sox came about starts in the mid 90s, at that time I was working for a import and distribution company on the south coast of England, it was there that in a box of old discontinued stock including such things as Mk1 Gripshifts, fluorescent frame pads, spokey dokey's and other items that were missing packaging or incomplete, anyhow, in that box was a pair of neoprene covers missing packaging but still in the clear bag, I took them out and had a closer look, they were clearly pedal covers, ace, these will come in handy I thought.  I used the covers for many years after and they always kept my pedals from scratching my friends bike when we went to bike races, there was so many XC races back then, not like now with massive insurance and sky high fees, I cherished these little neoprene covers, always covering my Shimano SPDs till one day I lost one, I think it was at the Cheddar Challenge, things were always quite messy there for various reasons, but mostly down to alcohol.  I've always kept an eye out for more but never saw any on the market, it was at that point that I thought I should make some.

That idea fell away for a few years whilst running a busy bike shop in Hampshire, this was the early Millennium and the internet as far as I can remember was rubbish, trying to find supplies for neoprene had me looking in the far east, even to this day I still get strange emails saying 'you in the market for Neoprene goods, you shop here, we sell you good...' 

Fast forward to this year and I've managed to go on a bucket list holiday with a few friends to Moab, in Utah USA, even though I normally run clip-in pedals I decided to use flat pedals so I can walk easier whilst off the bike, man, do these flats manage to mark anything in a range of 100 meters, not only were my shins taking a beating on the bike but the RV we were staying in and everything else was dangerously close to getting very scratched up, the RV was brand new and whilst it looked amazing when we first clapped eyes on it, it turned out to be a bit of a turd, the fake wood and leather seats looked like you could scratch them if you sneezed hard, as it was my card the deposit was on I was rather keen in it staying that way.  It was at that point that I thought I must get Nox Sox off the ground, the amount of people running flats is much higher now, and I know that the time is right, since then things have gone very well, I found a company in Cornwall that can supply the neoprene and manufacture them so we have much more control and much higher quality, plus, no more broken english, and its clear that they know a thing or two about neoprene, what with all those surfers and wetsuits around.

Nox Sox, isn't just pedal covers, I have a host of protective products in the pipeline that will be out in the next year or so, it's all about providing something inexpensive that you can put onto your bike in seconds and will provide protection to your bikes and transport, and whilst its inevitable that bikes get marked up with rough and tough riding and the odd spill I would rather keep that to the minimum.


Original Pedal Cover of manufacture unknown, the shape is more fitting with the pedals of the day and wouldn't be big enough for modern pedals.


Ahh, memories, I bought these pedals back in 1990, Shimano XT PDM747, you might notice a bit of weight saving going on with the left pedal, I cut surplus bits off in an attempt to save a few grams, this was very much a 90s thing, lots of drilling and cutting happened back then, you might also notice that one axle is titanium and the other is not, that's because they snap when you least expect it.