Nox Sox Large Pedal Covers fitted
Nox Sox Pedal Covers Large
Nox Sox Pedal Cover in Large fitted
DMR flat pedal with big sharp pins
2 Pairs of Large Nox Sox Pedal Covers
Nox Sox Collection of Pedal Covers
Collection of pedals that all fit the Large sized Nox Sox Pedal Covers

Nox Sox Pedal Covers (Large)

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Nox Sox provides the best form of protection for your precious bikes and car in the form of this easy to fit Pedal cover to save damage to other bikes placed by your bike or your car if you have it in the boot or on a car rack.

Often copied but never bettered, Nox Sox are the original and best neoprene pedal covers, and still to this day proudly made here in the UK.


The Large size is perfect for any pinned flat pedal, some popular models include but are not limited to....

Bergtec Penthouse, DMR Vault/V8/V12, Nukeproof Horizon/Neutron, Crankbrothers Stamp, Raceface Atlas, Shimano Saint, Unite Instinct, Superstar Nano, Pedaling Innovations Catalyst, HT Supreme, Yoshimura, Carder Tech TwoTwelve, Hope F20, OneUp, plus many, many more.


  • High-quality Neoprene made to last
  • Two poppers per cover keep them firmly on
  • Quick on and quick off
  • Made to fit the largest of pedals, big sharp pointy pined pedal-friendly design.
  • UK made down in Cornwall, where they know a thing or two about neoprene
  • Supplied as a pair
  • Available in Small or Large size
A note about the sizing, because these are made from neoprene and are made to stretch, giving sizing will just cause confusion as that would be its unstretched size and could make you think it won't fit your pedals when in fact it will, this Large size fits every pedal I've offered it up to including the largest pedals known currently, (Pedaling Innovations Catalyst's), equally the Large size is the size you need for smaller pedals such as for kids bikes, folding bikes, ladies bikes, Hybrid bikes etc.
The Small size Nox Sox is just for clipless pedals only, for kids bikes stick to the Large Size.

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